Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hello again!

Well, it's been a long time since I last posted here. I guess with Christmas and not a huge amount happening with my legs I didn't think there was that much to show or tell you.

But I have recently visited the good Professor Schmeller at The Hanse Klinik in Lubeck for a check up and am really pleased to report that he is as happy with my result as I am!

My long suffering husband ;0) joined me on a long weekend trip to visit the Klinik and come home with some very happy memories of Lubeck rather than it just be the place where I had my legs cut open! See how beautiful it is!

So we met with the Professor after walking around Lubeck for about 3 hours, my legs weren't possibly in the best shape they could have been. They are always the best in the morning after a good nights rest.

He asked how I'd been, any problems, & discussed the outcome. Was I happy? Yep, you betcha! And was happy too. He said that given the amount of weight I had lost & along with my age (an aging 45), this was the best possible result I could have achieved. He suggested new compression stockings for me, level II as I was still (and am) wearing the compression stockings from the surgery.

He measured me again, and there was at least a 5cm reduction at every level. The only part he said he was disappointed with was above my knees where he had removed the fat but the skin was drooping. I know that I need a skin tightening procedure on my thighs and this part was to just ease the joint around my knee.

So here is a 'before' photo...

And here are some afters.....

The Professor said I would continue to see improvement in the lower calf to ankle area where there is still scar tissue, and this could take another 6-12 months. I will see a reduction in the swelling too, which would be great.

I have lots more pictures which are more of the same and I'm more than happy to share.

I'm also happy to report I'm sleeping better now as my legs have calmed down. This makes me a happy bunny also :0)