Tuesday, 10 December 2013

They're alive!!

yes, my legs are alive!

Sounds obvious doesn't it, but let me explain some more! Since the surgery my legs have been pretty numb around the shin and ankle area and up by my knees. This is obviously where the cannulla went into my skin and really took the brunt of the lipo.

But now the healing process has got the point were the nerves are all coming back to life, which is a good thing! It's not painful, just a bit strange. Before I just had this odd feeling, a bit like someone was trying to brush my hair backwards and little electric shocks occasionally. Now they just feel a bit achy, especially at night. I assume that's more to do with relaxing and being more aware of what's happening in my body than at any other time. The annoying thing is I keep waking myself up by knocking my legs as I turn over in the night. Again, it's not painful, just that I am more self aware.

Other than that I am still wearing the compression stockings every day. My legs seem to want to swell if they are down for too long, as because life has to go on, my legs do need to be down occasionally! I think they'll be on until after Christmas and then I'm going to try and slowly wean myself off them :0)

My husband & I were having breakfast the other day, sitting on the sofa with our porridge and tea and he says to me 'The Professor did a really good job'...he'd been admiring my legs. How lovely for him to essentially say that my legs are looking good!

Was it worth the money? yes! Was it worth the pain & hassle? yes! Would I recommend anyone having it done? yes! Will it change your life? yes! Would I go through it again? Yes, although I wouldn't really want to if I didn't have too.

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