Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hidden Beauty?

So this post isn't about the surgery, I've sort of moved on from there, but I thought this might be interesting........

Last week I went to a glass making masterclass with a fabulous glass artist called Amanda Simmons. It was to learn how to make glass vessels. They're not called vases as they aren't functional items.

We were asked to introduce ourselves and also to say why we wanted to learn how to do this technique. The class introduced themselves and then it came to me last. During this time I'd been thinking and looking longingly at some of Amanda's work that she had bought with her.

It suddenly struck me that if you put a foot at the bottom of the vessels then that's what my leg would look like. Here I was looking at something which resembled my leg but I was thinking about how elegant it was and how beautiful it was.

Does that mean that I could think my legs could be beautiful and elegant if I think my leg looks like one of those gorgeous vessels? Shocking thought isn't it? Maybe we have to look at things a different way.

So I came away with a new glass making skill, a new design process, a hat full of ideas including a range of designs based on how having lipo-lymphedema makes me feel and a new respect for the shape of my legs


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