Friday, 25 October 2013

The Surgeon's Appointment - part 2

Hello, and here's the rest of the appointment... After the Professor said he felt I only had lipo-lymphedema in the bottom part of my legs he went on to explain why. He said that as I had lost alot of weight, which some was off my legs, that I shouldn't of been able to do that. He also said that because I didn't feel in agony during having MLD then I was less likely to have lipo-lymphedema. He said most people who have it are in agony most of the day.

At this point I was very upset. My weight has always been an issue and being able to label myself with lipo-lymphedema was some sort of comfort; that it wasn't my fault. In my mind at that time it was as if he was saying that having all this fat on my legs was my own fault, the one thing I felt had been lifted when I was given the lipo-lymphedema diagnosis by Professor Mortimer.

He went on to say that he did believe that I had lipo-lymphedema on my calves, but just a minor case. He said that on a scale I was almost off the chart at the 'good' end (if that makes sense) and most ladies he sees are much worse.

He then went on to say that he would operate on my calves and above the knees but he was concerned about the skin quality. He explained that he can take away all the fat, but the skin may not retract back. He said I had to be prepared for that and suggested that I find a good surgeon who could remove any excess skin prior to having any surgery with him. He also said a thigh lift would be what I needed to make my thighs look better.

The Professor then showed me a book of his work. Hundreds & hundreds of pictures of before and after shots. All with amazing results. I asked him where all his 'failure' photos were, but he winked and said he 'didn't keep those ones'. And there was me thinking he had no sense of humour!

He then went on to explain that the surgery was done under local anesthetic. A small hollow needle would pump fluid into my legs, and then another needle would gently vibrate and suck out the fat. The operation would take a number of hours (depending on how it goes) and I may be asked to stand up at some point so he can see that the legs are in proportion. He then went on to say after the operation I would stay over night in the clinic, then leave the next day. He said I would feel no pain in the operation but I would afterwards. This is the most painful operation he performs.

He went on to cover the costs of the operation E4550, E295 for compression garments, E170 over night in the hospital or E250 for two people. When returning home I would need to have 4 weeks of MLD, twice a week.

I agreed to the operation even though he hadn't agreed to do it all. We booked a date there and then and paid E75 for the consultation.

After the appointment we went back to our hotel. I had such mixed emotions. I was happy that he'd agreed to do the operation, but I never envisioned that he wouldn't! I imagined it to be an 'in & out' situation, more or less just to confirm things. I cried and cried. My poor husband having to listen to me rant and rave, and me feeling a complete failure because I believed he was saying that I was fat and it was my fault.

It took several days for me to be calm again and really think it all through. My husband is a Chemist and he explained that experts have 'opinions' and not all experts agree on things. The fact that Prof Schmeller didn't agree with Prof Mortimer doesn't mean he is right or wrong. I had to chew over that for a while for it to sink in.

So when we returned home, having to wait another 10 months for the operation.....


  1. OK.... im NOT a doctor... how could he tell you that you dont have L-L ????? ur pictures shows me a CLEAR and CONCISE case of it! are you sure you want ot carry on with this dr? I dont know his credentials and im not saying that i know anything really.... but i can tell you that you do not have normal fat in ur legs and it is not just in ur calves? Is he looking at the same legs we see?

    1. btw.. this is Julie Parish-Modan from the Lipoedema page (Smyth is a fake name i use on google lol - it just carries over into my comments)

  2. Hi Julie, well, I can see his point of view a bit. I have lost 9.5 stone in weight, and I have lost a good amount of weight off my thighs which realistically. He isn't saying something isn't wrong with my legs, just not a clear cut lipoedema diagnosis. He is disagreeing with my other diagnosis from Prof Mortimer, and I know that not all clinicians will agree 100% on everything. I have lots of loose skin on my legs which needs to be addressed later.

    I am happy to have the surgery with Prof Schmeller. He is a world class surgeon in this field. Thanks for your concerns and help.

  3. whoops, meant to say I shouldn't have been able to lose the weight off my legs or change the shape of my legs.....

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