Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Doing "too much"?

How exactly do you know you're 'doing too much'? I'm constantly being warned about this and what does it mean?

It seems rather natural to me that if I can walk or dance, or jump and it doesn't hurt in any way, then it should all be ok....but actually that seems not to be the case.

On sunday, the day before returning to work, and feeling well, painfree and ready to get a little fresh air my lovely husband & I took a drive to our local DIY centre to get something for me to rest my legs on under my desk at work.

We parked a little way away from other cars so I could open the door fully to help me get in and out. So basically I did a 3 min walk to the shop, a 15 min walk around the shop and then back out to the car....

When we got home, feeling well, I sat at the table for a couple of hours doing some crafts. Just sitting, but not with my feet up! This is 'doing too much'!!!

My poor knees swelled like balloons and my right ankle puffed right up. I was really not very happy about it at all. My knees also really ached, especially the left one. I was cross with myself for 'doing too much' but also because it didn't seem that much to do. I'm not sure if it was the walk or the sitting part.

So I am back to work, walking from the car park which takes just a couple of minutes with my feet up nearly all day.My ankles and knees are just fine. But my backside really aches!!

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