Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sorry I've not written....

Wow, I can't believe I haven't added anything to my blog in just under a week! How dreadful! But I'm pleased to say it's not because I've been in any particular pain, just time slipping through my fingers and maybe thinking I had nothing to report.

I have had 2 sessions of MLD this week which actually wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be. Lucinda, my therapist was extremely gentle the first time but I felt I had two proper sessions this week & it's really help. Lucinda was very concerned that my legs were angry looking at the front and there was some damage to the skin. Also there seemed to be alot of heat coming from that front lower shin area. I contacted the Professor who said everything looked normal given what my legs had been through! The massage seemed to relieve the pressure a little too, which can only be a good thing!

I started to feel much more myself this week, which is a sure sign of getting better. That general fogginess & tiredness has lifted. I've managed to get my hair washed over the bath and have a shower from the shower attachment rather than in our normal shower. Small baby steps but massive amounts of independence going on here!

Yesterday (Friday) I managed to drive my car & also walk a little in our local town, which was great. To be out of the house has been amazing! It's such an annoyance that someone has managed to scrape my car whilst parked outside my house. Luckily she owned up to it and the damage isn't too bad. But I opened the door with a blanket wrapped around me as my stockings were drying...I can't imagine what she thought initially! I also managed to cook a meal. The only issues I have had is that my legs are aching when I don't have them elevated. Yesterday was the first day I've had my legs down for most of the day.

And today I'm back at the computer answering 147 emails to help my return to work on monday!

Here are my legs upon returning to the UK on Thursday 7th Nov

And here they are today 16th Nov
The skin looks sore still but it's not so bad. The skin is retracting and I guess I may have a little sagginess at the end, but it's already looking alot better than I ever hoped. Still swollen as the Professor said they would be for a little while, but I'm getting there!

I do have some lovely gory pics to show you but I need to scan those in when I get 5 mins at work next week!

take care all! xxx

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