Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Operation itself

I had my operation on Monday 4th November. I can only say what happened to me & how it felt for me. You may find things different with your surgeon.

We arrived in Lubeck after a short journey from the UK. We came via Hamburg Airport, only 70 mins flight from London Heathrow. We arrived the day before & stayed in The Traveller Hotel just 3 doors down from the clinic. The hotel is a fairly basic hotel which is ok for 1 night.

We arrived at the Clinic at 8am as requested & we were shown to our room. My husband was staying with me at the Clinic. After being shown around I was asked to change into a hospital gown & put on some socks & a dressing gown.

At 8.30 am I was walked down to the theatre where I had to put on a small pair of black briefs under the gown and put on a scrub type hair net. I was greeted warmly by the Professor who then asked me to stand on a stool and took photos of my legs, back & front. He re-confirmed what he was going to do, as in take the fat from the bottom of my legs all away & also the fat over the tops of my knees. He explained he felt these were the most important things. He again said that the fat over my knees was difficult as when I sit, it slips away.

He also drew lines in pen over my legs to guide him when he was doing the operation.

One of my nurse s came in and asked me to lay down on my front. Ice packs were placed on my legs and numerous injections were done all down the backs of my legs. These were quite painful. I was told that this was the most painful part of the op. I agree!!

Once my legs were numb needles were inserted under the skin and fluid was pumped in, inflating my legs. It took some time, about an hour, then I was asked to turn over and the whole procedure was done again. Once full I was asked to go to the toilet, not easy when looked and felt like the Michelin Man! I waddled back, my legs not feeling like they belonged to me. When back on the bed they put a little more fluid in. They covered me up put some warm air piping over me and left me for half an hour for the anesthetic to kick right in. I was given a drink & some sugar sweets. Music played or I could have watched some tv.

When the nurses came back in with the Professor I was asked to turn over and the op began for real. Iwas very shaky so they gave me a shot of sometjing which felt like 3 glasses of champagne! I floated off and the work began. He haf cuts in my legs and inserted the cannula. I cohldnt see or feel this at all. I could feel movement under my skin but no psin, just the occasional discomfort.

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