Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Op, part 2

Apologies, I am writing this on a tablet!

The Prof carried on working on my legs, asking me to move about a bit. All thd time the lovely nurses were chatting to me & distracting me.All the time the Professor was asking if I was ok, did it hurt. And actually it didn't, not really. I was aware completely what was happening even with the large 'champagne s' that I was given.

After what seemed like forever he moved to the tops of my knees. This was the first time I got a glimpse of the cannula. It is long and quite scary looking. I then said I was in my own version of 'Driller Killer' the horror movie! I tried not to look & the nurses sheiled my eyes. The whole way thtough they chatted, distracting me from what was happening.

Eventually it ended. I was told thst 4 litres of fat had been removed, which is about 10-12lbs in weight. The Prof took a photo of it & then a pic of me smiling on the bed. The nurses got me up & dressed my legs before getting me into compression stockings plus bandages. I then walked up to my room where my husband was going crazy. It was 3.30pm. The operation took 2 hours longer than it should have.

We I got back I was offered soup which I ate like a crazy thing...I was starving! I had a little walk around and was left to relax for a bit. My legs were re-dressed about an hour later, & again about 9pm.

A little blood comes out but mainly it's just fliud which they pumped in.

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