Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Doing too much.....AGAIN!

Well yesterday was a very exciting but scary day for me.

I was going back to my beloved gym and to my trainer Kane after 3 weeks of doing nothing. It's hard to do nothing when you're used to doing quite a lot! This comes after doing next to nothing for most of my life.

Last year I ran (well, ran and walked a fair bit) a 10k (6 miles) for the first time ever. I was dressed up as Santa, along with about 2000 other Santa's. Some people were doing a 5km but Kane & I decided we should go for it. I trained quite hard for it and on the big day, more and more people passed me, but I did cross the finish line. I actually came officially last....yep, not something you'd normally be proud of, but I actually finished! Other people dropped out, so technically, I guess I wasn't really last (you keep telling yourself that love, lol!)

Here I am crossing the line, amazed at what I had achieved!

So yesterday was supposed to be a good day. My legs were looking good, I was feeling good. I walked around the lake at work as a warm up. Took me 40 minutes to do a 2.2km walk which would normally take me about 25-27 minutes, but that was ok. At the end legs were good to go!

At the gym we worked fairly hard on some weights on the upper body, and a fair bit of stretching. Nothing overly challenging and again I felt no pain, and felt good. At no point did my body say 'OWWW!' to me.

Driving home after about 10 minutes of the 20 minuite journey I started to feel very strange. I could tell I wasn't concentrating and I felt I was just looking at other things, other than the road! As I drive through a fairly rural area it didn't feel safe to just stop. So stupidly I just kept going. I was like one of those cray people staring out of the car window, hands gripped on the wheel, willing myself to get home.

Once home I started to cook dinner, pasta with bolognaise sauce, how difficult is that to make? Quite when you feel completely spaced out and feel disconnected! My husband came in about 5 mins later and said 'are you ok', 'no, you're going to need to finish this'. I sat down and then the shakes hit me with a sick feeling. Very very scary!

I forced myself to eat and then we just sat there. I looked 'monged out' but I was experiencing what I believe to be a low sugar moment, hypoglycemia. After about an hour I started to feel better. And tiredness hit me. I felt very emotional and felt very silly about 'doing too much'. I went to bed and more waves of tiredness hit me.

I feel perfect today. Nothing hanging over from yesterdays problem. I've bought some glucose sweets to keep in my bag in case it ever happens again. And yes, I am going back to the gym on Thursday, but have told my trainer we've got to take it down a notch.

And everyone was right about doing too much!

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